About Us


Our pre-press department is here to make sure your artwork turns out precise and professional! Three of our 4 full time pre-press computer technicians are also graphic designers and can help you put together a beautiful final product. We currently use 4 Mac OS X computer workstations and 1 Windows XP workstation. These computers are equipped with the most updated software from the Adobe Creative Suite to the Microsoft Office Suite.

Once our designers have completed your artwork, we can supply you with one-sided, high resolution proofs to match color from our Epson 9800 Proofer, as well as two-sided, low resolution proofs to verify position from our HP Spinjet.

We have recently converted from a film based workflow to a computer to plate system allowing for faster processing and higher quality. Our current equipment includes:

  • Two G5 Apple Macintosh computers
  • Two G4 Apple Macintosh computers
  • Software: Pagemaker (Mac or PC), Illustrator, Freehand, Quark Xpress, Photoshop, InDesign and more
  • Microtek ScanMaker i900 Scanner
  • Okidata C9300 Color Laser Printer
  • Kelleigh Rotary flexo plate processor
  • Screen PT8000II CTP System
  • Epson 9800 Proofer
  • HP Spinjet Proofer
  • Esko Spark Cyrel Digital Imager
  • Dupont Fast Processor
  • Dupont 1000 ECLF Exposure Frame
  • Betaflex 334