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Offset Presses

Our 6 sheet-fed offset presses offer the option to print small or large jobs in up to 6 colors.
  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 29", 6-color offset press
    Recognized as the leader in offset presses, this press is fully loaded including an aqueous coating tower. With speeds up to 11,000 sheets per hour, your press run will be efficient and skilled craftsmen will print your job. The maximum sheet size is 20" X 28".

  • Heidelberg Speedmaster 29", 5-color offset press
    This press has a perfector with aqueous coating tower and is capable of printing 3 over 2 colors all in the same pass. It is great for high volume commercial jobs that require fast turnarounds. This press is fully loaded as well and will print up to 12,000 sheets per hour with a maximum sheet size of 20" X 28".

  • Omsca 40", 4-color offset press
    This press is used for large format high quality work and will print an image area of 28" X 40". It is equipped with a Microcolor ink console for precision ink settings.

  • Heidelberg Printmaster 13", 2-color offset press
    An efficient offset press perfect for 1- and 2-color print jobs. The maximum sheet size is 13" X 18".

  • Harris 29", 2-color offset press
    Great press for 1- or 2-color jobs with a maximum sheet size of 23" X 29".

  • Chief 15", 1-color offset press
    Great press for 1-color jobs.